Recognizing Your Life In Portals Of Time

Its a common trait to just wing life despite the community we all have around us offering us pearls of wisdom, but for some reason we just steam forward in eagerness

What is it about our eagerness that we want to skip the guideline and the player 1 who has already gone ahead and can tell you about the levels you are yet to see?

In our youth, time is endless, when youth departs the reality of time convicts us, panic sets in as we see the ticking clock bringing unpredictable changes.

That's the logical view of a linear, human timeline and the ageing process but is that the only measurement? It may be true but wouldn't that make our lives, mundane, predictable?

On the other side you will speak with people who have lived through wars to see the stark contrast of a safe world filled with a phone obsessed zombie society.

You will hear of people who failed all their lives and finally found global success, women who couldn't have babies would conceive later in life, people who once were crippled now able to walk, drug dealers and murderers transformed by faith, lonely guys without hope or favor through their years would find a wife and have children, you get the picture.

Our decisions have longevity, they open paths and doors we do not realize we have walked into until many years have gone. During lost time, realization sets in that something isn't quite right, this path is wrong, how did I get here?

I've been broke and then found financial stability, I've had friendships which meant the world which, no longer exist, I've experienced deep depression then found a permanent state of peace, I've hated myself then loved who I was becoming, I've made mistakes but in time they shaped me, I've had dreams spiritually and seen them play out naturally, tangibly.

I've been irresponsible, unable to cook and several years later moved countries multiple times, helped my Wife give birth in an emergency on our garden and have survived drowning in the sea.

Each one of these moments, pivotal portals that could not be planned (however most likely where by God) play a factor in our future decision making, choices, attitudes and positioning.

It is unimaginable to map out precisely a life ahead that society says we can plan, simply, we cant.

But our boldness, energy and action does alter its course, significantly by moving through more doors and opening yourself to possibilities beyond your temporal vision.

You can set sail in one direction but the weather determines the end point, many things predict the end point and if you adjust direction by 0.1% at any point, overtime you find yourself in places unforeseen.

Logic is the killer, it can only assess so much with its boxed in criteria.

What moments in your life shocked you for the mere fact that you ended up there in the first place? Was there an answer to your how? An answer to your why? It couldn't be by chance, could it?

An end in your your natural eyes, is quite honestly a trajectory point, like a railway track switch that shifts a train's lanes, a moment that allows you to enter a portal of opportunity.

It seems that if we enter these moments with courage rather than fear we will allow ourselves to leave that predictable lane and allow for transformation on many levels, one that will accelerate wisdom, understanding, experience and our own development for self and others.

Confucius said "Wisdom, compassion and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men."

Perhaps they are universally respected because men equally have a starting mark and inevitably gain those qualities only by boldly taking action that many avoid through fear and doubt.

I acknowledge and define these moments, small or significant as

"Portals Of Purpose."

Portals in my understanding are not just decisions in the natural that alter your life's direction, they are more so a contributor in the process. Portals are from the spiritual realm around us that cause outcomes in the dimension of this world.

There is more than the earth so it doesn't take much to know that we are subject to many things, our spirit and soul as well as a body made up of atoms, protons, neutrons.

By scientific theory, everything has a cause, science very well explains our bodies and their cause and affect within this world. They have even researched the brain as an organ, but they still haven't been able to find the actual "mind" throughout history as we know it. The mind functions between our body and spirit so is subject to each side but our Spirit is subject to another place and operates within the laws of a higher reality, one with its very own portals only opened by God.

Stay with me, another time I will share a life changing encounter I had that confirms my knowledge of the heavenly realm and its absolute truth, however for now I am sure everyone can relate to a time their consciousness, instincts or gut told them "there is more to this than meets the eye."

I believe that everything we do is a deep search for purpose, everyone takes on a very personal quest to find it, for some it takes 1 year, for others many decades but that moment they find it, their past then reveals the clarity that was elusive early on in time.

Kevin Zadai says that our lives are "Compartmentalized", he likens it to a friend of his that was working on a top secret aircraft. He would have a piece of the aircraft to focus on but could not see what the entire plane looked like or any other parts for that matter. It meant secrets could not be stolen and shared with hostile countries, compromising security.

His view is that there are times that God only shows a part of what he is doing and our role, so that we don't get involved so much that we mess it up!

How funny, something not many of us would disagree with given mankind's track record!

Kevin Zadai was a trained pilot but served as cabin staff in an airline for 30 years, he is now a speaker to audiences in the millions, someone if you research actually travelled through a divine portal and came back with very powerful revelation.

Now, if this is too much steak to chew, check in on your mind, tell your logic to stop barking at every other sense like a paranoid chihuahua and remember humbly, "to a lower logic, a higher logic will be un-logical"- John Paul Jackson.

That's not to say we are not clever but it simply means that men generally are "quick to believe that which they wish to be true" (Julius Caesar) rather than think outside their wired responsive thinking.

We cant shrink the truth into being false through ignorance, if you choose to reject it that's fine, but it still remains as the truth outside your understanding. Perhaps we would all cope better with life itself and conquer challenges more successfully if we had this mentality along our individual rocky roads?

So where do I see myself in 5 years and do I want to know? All I know is that I want to provide an abundance of happiness, love, encouragement for my Wife and 3 children that allows for preparation and faith to be bold in life and impact others. I want to be used as a man that will not let his heart be hardened by the hardships of life but instead, die to self so that selflessness and empathy awaken to free people from their battles physically, emotionally and mentally.

Does this mean becoming a Missionary? Maybe not because that is something I can plan however I don't rule it out for I know I would travel and pursue this if it had divine confirmation.

But knowing that my purpose is to live a meaningful life here on earth freeing people will help me to recognize those portals when they present themselves, or at the very least be courageous walking into certain doors and not over reacting when others close.

Surely it provokes some thoughts in you but let me leave you with this statement from Chuck Holton to ignite your thinking. A man everybody will be able to relate to in one way or the other, a man who has led in combat, flown helicopters, invested in the stock market, travelled far and wide, sold businesses, made losses, became a father and who found his purpose was to raise Godly men.

"God has placed an ember in every man, a spark to set off a purpose that moves him to action. A man's job is to find that passion and uncover it within himself., then coax it, feed it, and follow it. Passive activity smothers the flame like dirt.
Spending one's time in constructive pursuits uncovers a man's gifts and sets him on a course to fulfil his purpose"
- Making Men

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