The Answer To Your Problem Is In The Perspective: You Can Win

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

I strived for many years working harder but no matter what happened, as responsibility and accountability grew the pressure and intensity would follow suit to the mirror the scale. As a young man with a wife and 3 young children it is all too easy to look at the mountain rather than focus on the steps that will get me up it.

I would be lying if I said I have it perfected myself but it certainly helps when you know you are a partaker in a scene but have the power to step out and look into the bigger picture, rather than look up and around from within the eye of the tornado.

There is a great prophetic man called Graham Cooke who says he loves a problem and gets excited by them. Imagine that, throughout life anytime a hurdle is in front of us, whether it be financial, physical, mental, we laugh instead, what a perspective!

Easier said that done we respond but is it? Aren't all good things the result of a moment of positivity that tilted our attitudes towards breakthrough? I know I have struggled with the anxiety I unknowingly welcomed along with any situation that involves financial pressure but knowing your weaknesses allows you to see them, work on them and conquer them. It may take a merry go around cycle of dejavu however acknowledgment is the beginning of change.

Graham Cooke would say that when you give your life to Jesus, this isn't just some worthless act, you are raised to newness of life in Christ and are being taught in the lifestyle of living in Him and the promises within that covenant allow you to overcome anything that comes your way. He insists, When you get a problem, call your best friend, "Hey listen I'm calling because I got a problem, yeah I'm really excited, it came this morning. It looks pretty big, if I'm careful I can keep it around for 2 or 3 months,
I knew something was up because the Holy Spirit came early, and you know what he is like, MR Enthusiasm I'm looking at it thinking OMG, if the problem is that big, how much bigger is the promise? I'm beside myself Anyway, you haven't got a problem? Well hang in there man, one is bound to come, God is faithful, hang in, believe, do you wanna share this one with me?"

Fascinating way of thinking isn't it and if the spiritual element doesn't relate yet for you, all you have to do is look at the greatest books on the mind and self improvement to understand you have the capability to find your way around any maze.

Who moved my cheese is a very short book that makes this concept so clear, the characters that focus on their emotion to a problem will always be stuck, the others who respond with a solution view make their way forward a lot quicker and gain so much momentum along the way running into bigger rewards than expected.

It's the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, a fixed one doesn't think it can change situations because it is comfortable or feels it shouldn't have to, stimulating from things like Pride. A growth mindset can be seen in those who are forever learning and humbling themselves as a life student in all situations.

Standing in the rain doesn't make it stop raining but if you lift your head and look around you will find shelter, stop or go?

I read once that circumstances are not the problem, it's our emotional reaction to a circumstance that is the problem. So if you're having issues, do you fall into a crippling state of depression that you have them or do you know it is a platform for you to experience breakthrough? It's a work in progress for me, of course there are times where life can get very hard but I am learning more and more to have peace throughout MIGHTY storms with faith in Jesus who is ALMIGHTY.

Have peace also within yourself, your worth as a person or provider is not determined by matters on the outside changing, things always change so having the expectancy that this will be the case will help you mentally handle it.

I've found that we tend to look at our jobs as the center of whether life is going well or not, its so all encompassing at times with 90% of our time spent on it. But the funny thing is, that little universe isn't as big as you think, it can change in a second.

I'm sure everyone has joined a new employer and looked back realizing how little your problems where in the place you just left and the pressures we thought were a Lion turned out to be a kitten in hindsight.

Perspective shifts don't have to be a surprise, tied to big moves, we can enforce them ourselves at any time

When you peel the onion you see that it is just the sequence in life, a time of comfort, a time of challenge and no matter how big or small the obstacle, it is still the same pattern, one in which you overcame before and another that you will overcome again.

So putting it all into a situational case, if we experience for example a job loss, do we have blind resistance pretending the hurricane hasn't approached?

No. Do we start declaring all of the projected domino effects we think it can cause like "I can't get another job in this climate, "I can't pay my rent", "this makes me look like a failure" , "I might lose my car as a result too". No, how dangerous is that thinking and we all do it. If the job loss wasn't enough we have added another story to it and our character in our vision never tends to be winning!

Like a plane that stalls in turbulence, you lean forward and drive yourself into it knowing you will gain traction, speed and power to prevail through it where the clear skies await on the other side.

I love my family and being a provider, I am blessed and grateful for everything that has come to me, it is very hard at times remaining consistent with a sunny disposition in all areas but all you have to do is look at how far you have come despite all of the circumstances that stood in front until your very present moment.

I watched a series recently called The Chosen, and the Director gave insight into the many mountainous challenges he encountered throughout the process especially with a production that paid salaries dependent on crowdsourcing.

He summed it up brilliantly with his revelation that "it's not my job to feed the 5000, it's my job to provide the loaves and the fish" (Dallas Jenkins)

If you are not familiar with this story in the bible, the disciples have five loaves of bread and two fish and with Jesus end up feeding a multitude of people.

If you want a modern view you can find thousands of stories of people who just put faith with action and took the limited tools they had in that moment to allow greater things to evolve from them. Whether that be those who overcame sickness, or had $60 dollars in their pocket and built an empire or the many professional sports people who started off in utter poverty with everything against them to make their millions enabling them to financially support their entire families whilst inspiring others with similar hope.

Don't be alone, open up communication with your family with your friends, with mentors and you will see very quickly that everyone is in a similar boat, we are all capable of getting from one side to the other, usually via routes we didn't envision at the start. Its our steps forward that open newly available realities.

We presently are in a foreign country, handling the psychological and economical effects of covid like most, the barrier of an approaching Brexit timeline vs our application for residency, the exhaustion of raising 3 young kids, increasing expenditure vs income, a recent robbery in the park to name a few but we are not deterred and are instead focused on the fact that with all patterns of problems, there are orbiting provisions set be revealed.

What's your mentality towards provision?