Life Of a Man and The Answer

Are you, you, or are you, someone else?

Do you wake to walk your own journey , or slumber , tired as another cloned subsidiary

Are you living your clear reality or struggling, surviving fear driven sanity

Are you physical and aware of the spiritual, or do you know you are spiritual experiencing a physical.

Is your mind a garden that chooses thoughts of positive seeds or one poisoned by dangerous toxic weeds?

Are you consciously growing or unknowingly cracking and falling?

Do you celebrate other peoples success and joy or does it for no reason, venomously annoy

Has you heart softened for the needy, or hardened, year by year because your selfishness has made you numb, disconnected, greedy

When you fall into a pit, do you get up with courage or react with negative emotions, angry that it happened, wallowing in the spoilage

Have you stopped in the ticking clock of your life to acknowledge your maker. Or do you ignore the truth, avoiding the conviction, moth to a flame, a material chaser?

Do you feel your logic gives you confidence and credible reason. Logic is just a speckle, unable to measure a universe created outside time by the architect of each generation.

We all get hurt by a past that builds up a tally of offences. Do you forgive them or carry that baggage, continually burdened, always pained by consequences.

No matter what you face, however low you feel, there is an eternal hope, ever present , never forsakes, you just need to call His name, He is tangible, He is real.

In a world blinded and programmed to be scientific and skeptical. It hurts all of us who have experienced Yeshua, that more of you don't know him, the mass reject miraculous modern day testimonies and the evangelical.

Life is a Maze, its getting more difficult, the world recreating laws, distorting divine order, gender choice has become a craze.

Look around at the world, no wonder there is so much confusion, for us who follow He, no matter what we witness, the chaos, fear mongering and all the sinister agendas.

We kneel in peace, calm, aware of all the hindering intrusions. But empowered to dismantle any weapon formed against us, by identity in Christ, who's promises are above all worldy conclusions.

Perhaps you have had questions and queried all you knew, from a father and husband who had his own encounter, forever changed, I assure you, He is True.

This I am sharing knowing many will scoff and laugh, but I am forever humbled , pride gone, no longer worried about man's wrath.

If one seed lands and leads one person out of their despair, it will be worth it all despite men's opinions and earth limited wisdom,

The saints and I will celebrate, setting people free from their bondage, into the heart of Jesus and his heavenly kingdom.


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