How To Get Contact Lenses Quickly

Until I started using Apps to organize me I was once the guy who will always run out of lenses, reuse the daily disposable ones for days after until my eye felt like sand, would shine red and then finally I would drag myself to the opticians to order new ones.

If you still go into the opticians to order your lenses you will realize that this is such a prehistoric way of doing things. After you have your eye test and prescription there really is no need to take the time out from work, await the 3-5 days it takes for them to receive from the distributor and to top it off overpay so they can cover their profit.

I always thought it was the only way especially considering nobody wants to take a risk with their eyes and we generally give all control to the eye guru's telling us the condition and reactive plan.

Common sense kicked in and after taking the prescription and ordering online via various websites I happily settled with Lentiamo. I was very surprised after ordering them via the UPS Express option and during the 1st month of the Covid outbreak that they delivered to my door within 2 days.

These guys are the best no doubt for customer service, delivery and price. To put it into perspective 1 month supply of Acuvue Moist Lenses at my local optician cost £70 vs roughly £125 for 3 months supply with Lentiamo.

1) Lentiamo (I personally use Lentiamo for quarterly delivery of my contact lenses, always on time, the cheapest rates and 1st class customer service. I've used them in the UK and also whilst living in Spain)

What is Lentiamo?

:Online Contact Lens Shop

With bases in the UK and Czech Republic they are connected to both the history and future of contact lenses distribution. They deliver to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Denmark, France, Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia.