How To Flip The Script On The Plandemic: :11 Ways To Monetize Your Skills

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Most men across the globe right now will naturally have their eyes on the chaos, what it means for them and the actions they need to take to stay ahead;

In most cases this has always meant to work harder, put more hours in and anything else that requires their mental and physical energy being spent more on their work life vs the other parts of their lives.

I have always been that type of person ensuring that my work ethic stands high as a standard nobody could ever knock regardless of my skill at that moment. I have always looked around at how people do things and asked myself, "what can I do different to them that will accelerate the results" and this has often been a simpler solution than most would think, with simple tweaks and attention to detail.

One micro example would be if you are in Sales, if everyone clocks in at 9am and are calling prospects up until 5pm, how many people around the world are doing this?

It makes it the busiest, most competitive time to engage their attention, I noticed that the prospect would avoid the volume, it was around 8pm or 9pm when they were most approachable after finishing their day, sitting down and scrolling their phone to receive my reach out. It meant you could engage them in advance of the next day and not be starting from scratch like the rest of the sales team and competition.

Jumping straight into the macro point of this article, this global pandemic will have affected millions of people, instilling fear and instability into their lives at unprecedented levels, many will be concerned at their perceived lack of options.

What we must embed in our minds with transcending peace is that the options are very much dependent on the action you take in exploring them.

If you do things the way you always have and think only within the knowledge you already have, how will you create new results and realities?

This is something we all journey between, the present we see vs the future we cannot see, however either way, we will walk the present and we will walk into the future, so why not walk into it with action.

If you know that in 6 months time finances will be strained, why walk throughout those 6 months with the same armor, what is there to lose in learning a new skill, exploring a new passion, creating a product, setting up an online shop, learning a language or hiring a life coach?

Why perish for lack of knowledge when there is so much free guidance available to you that will present so many viable options it will almost give you an overnight paradigm shift to life. You may even join the flat earth society! Ok maybe not.

With every person that inspires you because of their achievements, you will be pleased to know that they are also human and had to start with the very simple step of putting their idea into action.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” —Pablo Picasso

It is so easy to take the so called easy route and doubt that your circumstances can change or your capabilities cannot evolve but isn't that really the hard route? By doing that aren't you predestining yourself for a hard path?

Surely the easier route is to recognize that if you pour anytime into something, you instantly become better than you were before you tried it, how much more so if you remain consistent?

You can look at anything good in your life and see that it all started with action and your gains came from remaining consistent with the effort, think about your relationships, did you love instantly or did the love grow from pouring weekly time into that person?

How about those who are into bodybuilding or calisthenics, did you wake up looking great or was it that decision you took to go to the gym and remain committed day to day,week-week, year to year that changed your body gradually into its now Hercules state?

So why is it any different for starting a new business, believing you can create new income streams or grow any of your other desires that sit in the back of your mind.

This pandemic has driven people into their homes, arguably for a longer period in history than another point, time has been extended in everyone's day to day lives.

It is fair to say that with the economical transition we are witnessing we all know that the world will now embrace digital adoption at a faster rate, therefore corporations and consumers will do business online more meaning their needs and behaviors will change.

So with that comes the opportunities, and your shot to flip the script on the monologue you have been served on the platter of fear by the media and governments.

You are the author here, so how can you start?

1) Look at your current skills and write them down.

2) Write down your passions. If you don't know them, identify things you love that you are good at and it will lead you to unearthing your passions. You may even think of things you loved during childhood that you left behind, like painting etc.

3) Ask your family and friends or coworkers to tell you your key strengths, traits, values and basically anything of value they note about you.

These 3 steps are simple but often the catapult platform we avoid, we all have a lifetime of skills developed and value created that could be shared with the world, it just takes digging to bring it all to the surface.

Once you have cleared this stage you will now be very excited and eager to use them, your brain will have exercised like never before and I'm sure you will acknowledge the endorphins released as a result giving you a much clear outlook on how to move forward.

So lets say the answers to those questions where as follows

1) Graphic Designer

2) Passionate for helping people

3) Family, friends, coworkers have given the common feedback that you are an excellent communicator with a way of making things so clear and understandable for all levels of intellect

An Example of how the person skilled in graphic design could apply their skills would be to create their own online video- learn graphics course via a platform like Thinkific. They can easily give a walkthrough and their communications skills would be fully utilized via video connecting with the customer.

Once this product is created it would continuously make you money each time someone purchased it via the Thinkific website.

On a planet with billions of people, they have needs and others have solutions and despite there being competition for offering the solutions, you are you and have something different to offer, so get going.

So whether you are a graphic designer or possess any other skill, the list below will open those eyeballs to the various places and tools you can explore to bring your ideas to life:

1)Sign Up To Fiverr, a freelancer platform connecting you to people all over the world that need your skillset. You can get paid for short and long term assignments are not restricted to your own country.

2) Sign Up To Thinkific, they will help you to package all of your skills and knowledge into a teachable video/content product you can sell on their platform which will make you money without having to do it in person.

3) Sign Up For, they will give you a whole suite of software and services to build a business plan, find mentors, customers and funding as well as offer you educational value in upskilling you via the many courses.

4) Start Your Own YouTube Channel giving how to tutorials in your skill area, over time this will build a subscriber base which you can then market to later.

5) Train To Be A Coach- Create Your Own Coaching Website And Sell Your Advice/Training, my sister-in-law created her very own success & career coaching service for mothers & women which is a huge success but you will see there are so many men out there tapping into this highly rewarding occupation.

) Write And Sell An Ebook On Amazon Self Publishing, this can be about your skills like "how to learn branding, a beginners guide" for example.

7) Recognize Problems And Offer Solution, look around at companies in your area or even websites online that could benefit immediately from your skill and approach them about it.

8) Sell Physical Products Online Via Dropshipping Websites Like AliExpress, anyone can start a shop for free today within 1 day, if you have a branding idea you can get it implemented without inventory and start selling as soon as you want, they handle the orders and distribution for you. You don't even need a brand, you can sell the products as they are if you really want, it is up to you.

You dont even need experience to do this, they can build the store for you and you can start selling products of your choice, try it here.

9)Become An Online Affiliate, if you have an online presence and for instance talk about exercise, you can sign up for affiliate programs to gym clothing brands or equipment and be paid when people click the recommended product advertised.

10) Teach English Online With Preply For A Handsome Fee, I lived in Hong kong for 5 years and met too many people doing this to count, in places like Hong Kong they are all about education and its very common to pay for English teachers after school hours. If you speak English and have spare time and generally want to help people, this may be perfect for you.

11) Buy An Existent Website, Online Shop Or Youtube Channel that already has subscribers, this is quick way if you want a quick way to start selling something without starting from scratch.

This is just a small snippet of a list that is never ending like the coronavirus itself!

Keep your eyes open and take action, "Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see"- Henry David Thoreau.

Hopefully after reading this article it has started to manifest the possibilities available to you right now, the many ideas you have are excitedly floating around your brain intertwining with each other trying to figure out which one should step forward first.

Once you experiment with these methods you will start to learn more about yourself, what brings you alive, what doesn't, what makes time go fast and vice versa, eventually you can fine tune and narrow down on the activities that allow you to express yourself whilst fixing problems with your talent.

Flip the script, its not a question of if you can but when you can, stay true to yourself, be niche, journal your ideas, write plans, get excited , share them with those you trust and put yourself on that adventure. Do you want to be the one standing in the airport waving through the window at the people off on theirs or do you want to be in ascension yourself?

"Opportunities? They are all around us... There is power lying latent everywhere waiting for the observant eye to discover it"- Orison Swett Marden.

Lets keep this open and share our experiences, there are thousands of Men with unlimited potential who need to hear this, we all do and the ride is much easier when we do it in community together.

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