How to Extract Information From Podcasts and Books Quickly

Updated: Nov 24, 2020


I will always endorse reading a book fully over any short cuts however with mounting responsibilities and narrowing time Blinkist is an excellent tool for reading the key parts of a topic of your choosing.

There is the option to read the books where it will summarize sections or you can have it read to you in a summarized format.

From curated content, personalized for you suggestions, trending books, new additions which averages around 40 new books per month there is plenty choice within this app to appeal to you.

Like anything in this age you can search via topics, categories and specifics and when you find the book you wanted, it not only summarizes it for you at preview but tells you the benefits gained from reading it.

What you may find helpful is that within each book it is split into sections called "blinks" so you can shoot straight to the bits you are searching for and avoid anything non relevant.

If you download the content it will allow you to read or listen offline, just imagine the amount of interesting things you can cover by playing the audio on your walk to work. In fact each book is summarized to around a 15 minute read meaning you can really pack in a lot of useful content within your weekly routine.

Despite it not being a like for like substitute for reading a full book in your own focused time, the opportunity this presents to learn in a micro way can prove very beneficial over time.

“Habits are formed by the repetition of particular acts. They are strengthened by an increase in the number of repeated acts"- Mortimer Adler

Another cool feature is that you can highlight text if you run out of time and it will remain like that for you to locate and read later.

If you use Evernote, you can activate it and connect in your Blinkist account settings. All your highlights will then be synced to the notebook you've chosen in your settings. Additionally It can also send all of your reads to your Kindle.

Another great App that can help you in your day by bringing the value of accelerated learning without disrupting your time. Try it out!

Available on IOS & Android


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