3 Apps That Will Help You In 3 Areas Immediately

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Do you hear the word app and just switch off? Me too.

But I listened to my Wife some years back after she had finally had enough of seeing me manually maneuver traditional tasks.

Instead of doing things the way they had always been done, I finally woke up to realize there are some truly incredible apps out there that work.

Keeping it simple I have listed 3 that I use in my day-day life that save me money, save me time and save me from disorganization.

1)Todoist (If you are like me and try to remember everything but don't, or save notes in Google Keep but never use it, then this fixes that problem once and for all)

What is Todoist?

:Task Management & To-Do List App

Todoist is a task management app that helps you keep track of your tasks for home-life and work-life (i.e. your to-do list) in a clean and organized manner.

Over 25 million people have used this for a reason, it works.

Looking back at my note taking habits, thrown down in a rush, by the time I return to read them it would help me to have a translator. This app helps to take the tediousness of that issue away with things like its Natural Language Processing. You can type something like "take the car for a service next wed at 16:00 PM into the task section and it will automatically title the task "take the car for a service" and set a reminder for the date/time.

I am not a fan of apps that promise the world and you don't end up using them, Todoist is one that works and brings value immediately, nice and easy interface that is my safe pair of hands for keeping me structured as a Dad/Husband and in my Job.

There are other apps out there but todoist has great UI and keeps it simple which I prefer, if you wanted a similar app more so for project management at work then you could check out Wrike.

I used to take reminder notes by typing them down and sending them via Whatsapp to my Wife... that didn't quite work out!

You can try it for free here but for full efficiency their premium option which only costs roughly £22 per year/$29 US per year, under £2 per month and you can cancel anytime, no brainer.

2) TransferWise (I have clients in the EU and APAC and this app has saved me £1000's with no exaggeration, it has made my life easier because transfers are instant, you see it getting wired live on the app)

What is TransferWise?

: Money Transfer App

If you have you have your own Ltd Company or small business and received payments from clients outside your country this is something you need to know about. Banks make their money charging you huge fees for you just to do overseas transfers and they also hit you hard on hidden charges and the poor currency conversions. My bank previously was charging me £35 just to transfer overseas and the conversion rate wasn't great, Transferwise have a borderless account which means I don't have that headache anymore and can send and receive money smoothly by myself for up to 8x cheaper.

Its crazy if you still use your bank for everything, they don't want you to know about this, its the future because the control goes to us. Sign up within minutes.

3) Freedom

What is Freedom?

: World's Best Digital Distraction App

This app is a major help to me for driving productivity but making technology work for me rather than against me. It blocks distracting websites and apps that you overuse, you just tick the ones that you might be addicted to and it locks them out for a period of time in the day.

If social media is your vice this will get you more balanced, if YouTube distracts you at work or for countless hours at night then this will work, if sports news or games capture segments of your time every hour then you will benefit instantly downloading this app. You can use it for your computer and your mobile so there's no hiding but honestly this is the best way to retrain yourself to having better digital habits which can positively affect many aspects of your life.

Try it for free