Blogs For Dads

Blogs for Dads Teach Many Things Men Should Know

In most cases, if a blog says that it's going to tell you things men should know, it falls into one of two categories. Either it's about men's health or it's about doing things like fixing cars and smoking meat. While both of these are important, they miss one key class of information: how to handle daily life.

A new men's blog, Man the Maze, aims to provide what other blogs for dads do not. Some of the posts are explicitly about fatherhood, while others deal with the right mindset for pursuing success and what to do if you feel "detached and lost." This type of information helps one of the key areas where men are often overlooked, and that is mental and emotional health.

Most would agree that one of the things men should know is how to work together. Yet, for many men, other men are seen as competitors instead of collaborators. One of the posts on Man the Maze directly addresses this and reminds readers that the real competition is whatever problem they are facing, and that they should work with their friends or coworkers to combat it rather than challenging each other.

Another post addresses faithfulness to wives and gives 20 different ways to be faithful. This concept is immediately attention-getting because faithfulness is typically thought of as being something that is done in one way only, specifically, by not cheating on your wife. However, this post shows that there are many things that you should be doing to help you attain that singular end-goal. Along with obvious ones like avoiding clear temptations, there are mindset tips that will not only help you stay faithful but also strengthen your marital relationship overall. Give it a read today. It's not just another generic men's site.